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Some Q&A frequently asked by our clients

Is there a VASP regime in Panama?

No. There was a project of law approved by the Panamanian Parliament in 2022 but later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama. Currently, there is no VASP regime in Panama nor intention of approving one in the near future.

Are crypto-related activities legal in Panama?

Yes. Crypto-related activities are considered unregulated yet legal activities in Panama. This has been the position in several opinions and notices issued by the Superintendency of Securities Market (SMV) and the Superintendency of Banks (SBP). As the activity remains unregulated the SMV and the SBP are not considered competent authorities to supervise or oversee crypto-related activities.

What is the legal status of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets in Panama?

Cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, or tokens are not considered legal tender, securities, or regulated activity.

How long it takes to set up a Panamanian entity?

Between 5-7 business days, after receipt of payment and KYC docs.

Are the services of nominee directors available in Panama?

Yes, nominee director services are available if the client desires to maintain his identity private and not shown in any public documents.

What is the minimum number of directors for Panamanian entities?

  1. For corporations, the minimum number of directors is three. They can be individuals or legal entities.
  2. For Private Foundations, the minimum number of members required for the foundation council is three if the members are individuals, and one if the member is a legal entity

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